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A smattering of thoughts.

Yes, I did say smattering.

(is that even a word. Wait. Don’t answer that. I kinda like it, even if it isn’t!)

I feel like I don’t have a heck of a lot to say on one given topic right now, but I have enough to say to toss some up here. Take it or leave it ; -)

I was driving home from the studio last night (talk about diving right back into teaching after almost two weeks of travel and not many classes taught or taken in between – total withdrawal – teaching 3 classes yesterday, wheeeee! end side note) and I flipped on ‘Ave Maria’ – the Beyonce remake of that song and wow, the words struck me. I found myself thinking ‘wouldn’t that song be perfect when we get married?’

And then I listened to another of my all-time favorites ‘You are the Best Thing’ by Ray LaMontagne and thought ‘swoon…this is *exactly* how I feel about M. *This* should be ‘our’ song’ shouldn’t it? 

(like how I completely bypass any other details about said marriage/wedding? doing this ‘my way’ after all…)


I am *totally* embracing being home and in my own routine, with my own food, my own choices, everything. Talk about appreciating more and more my ability to work from home, huh? As much as traveling for work has really expanded my horizons and my confidence, it’s also much more taxing than it may look from the outside looking in. At least I always find it that way. If anyone knows the secret to traveling and not being bone-tired after, please share ;-)

And, after my last trip, I was inspired to put together some of my bigger a-ha moments when it comes to travel and balancing your food choices for the ladies of barre n9ne studio. Check out my guest post on it (I was going to cross-post it here, but figure you can swing on over and take a peek if you are interested!).


For the first year in many, I feel as though the holidays won’t go screaming past me in a blur. While I have a lot of back to back family gatherings next weekend leading into Christmas, I purposely did not overbook weekends leading into it (this past planless weekend? GENIUS.) and I feel ready and excited for the holidays!

AND M and I are hosting Christmas DAY this year at our apartment and I couldn’t be more excited about that (good thing we started new holiday traditions huh?). We’re hosting my sisters (I think both of them can come, but as a matter of fact, that may not be true, BUT I will see them both the days leading into Christmas too – score!), my mom and my grandparents  for lunch and another genius move on my part? I’ve decided to make a brunch menu since I think everyone will be nearing ‘food fatigue’ where one big meal too many will cause ‘sick of food-itis’ which ALWAYS happens to me after the holidays. It’s not about overindulging, just about wanting a simple meal vs. a roast, a turkey, a ham, etc. Ya know? (or is it just me?!). Pinterest will be my consultant for all things brunch. Got any good ideas? I’d love to hear them (and pin them!).


Anyhoo, that’s all I got. (and, like so many others, I am silently honoring the victims in the CT shootings…at least here on my blog, but will be keeping top of mind to ‘pay it forward’ as much as possible this holiday season, and always.)