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Some Friday musings.

I’m kinda digging my random Friday posts…things I’m loving, random stuff I love and the like and rather than post the third in my ‘on marriage’ series (which I am loving writing and so glad others are finding it useful!), I figured I’d post a little of this, and a little of that. A la Friday musings (because thoughts sounds boring, musings sounds…artistic? Or something).

I *think* I am finally succumbing to some yoga. <–like how I make it all uber-dramatic? Because I kinda hate yoga (but that’s entirely because I am the least flexible person on the planet. You can bounce a ball off my hip flexors, they are so tight. Okay, that’s a weird image, but I think it gets the point across!).  I think on off-running days (or days that I don’t run AND go to barre n9ne), I am finally going to experiment with some yoga on-demand and maybe purchase a DVD or two. Suggestions welcome. Please. Is there anything like ‘yoga for runners’ out there? (note to self: google this.)

Related: As much as I hate dreadmill runs after some fantastic prematurely warm weather the last two weeks, I’m pretty sure I embraced it this week. 5 miler Tuesday (intervals), 5 miler yesterday and 7 miler today. To get through these runs, though, I’ve decided I must channel my barre n9ne class in my head to pass the time. I literally ‘teach’ a class in my head to each song and the time goes much quicker. Hey, whatever works, right? (and side note: I think back-loading my runs is not the greatest for me. Last two weeks, I ran Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday…by Saturday, my legs are screaming. Time to rejigger my workout plan for next week, methinks)

Writing my ‘on marriage’ series has quelled my overthinking mind. Just sitting down and really thinking about WHAT it means to me and what I want it to look like and why I am feeling such a pull towards it is making me understand so much more. I debate about sharing them with M. Perhaps just talking to him about my thoughts of late. We’ll see.

M’s dissertation is thisclose…and I am thinking of throwing him a surprise party! I have NEVER thrown a surprise party before so I am a little nervous, but think it could be epic. And he deserves it so much. I am just so proud of him. Mums the word, mmk?!

I have been embracing new recipes of late, thanks to Pinterest, and am LOVING my creations! Things I’ve made lately? These almond chia muffins (used chocolate Muscle Milk Lite instead and it was super tasty!), these oatmeal bars (M said these are his favorite!!), and a new lentil concoction (making my streak for lentil recipes three Tuesdays in a row!) from a few recipes I saw that included butternut squash, kale, lentils, fresh tomatoes and shrimp. SO good. The more I explore, the more I dig. Yumtastic and REAL FOOD!

I have a day devoted to M and me tomorrow and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Post rundate/barre n9ne method tomorrow morning, the rest of the day is devoted to M and me. We are going to a long-awaiting massage (part of M’s Christmas gift!), we’re going to hit up a wine tasting and go to one of our favorite French restaurants, Brassiere 28, near where we live. Sometimes you just need those ‘us’ days, ya know? This is one of them (followed by a self-declared lazy Sunday! Rest day and relaxation!!)

There ya have it…some Friday musings. Well this turned out pretty well, I must say ;-P Happy weekend friends, make it a good one! Cheers!